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Healthy Living:
• Antioxidants – The Key to Healthy Living
• Lifelong Vitality, Stamina & Longevity

• Medicine Cabinet Makeover – Save money and NO Side Effects
• Family Physician Kit – Doctor Mom
• Cold & Flu Season – Building a Healthy Immunity
• Women’s Health & Hormones
• Lifestyle & Degenerative Disease – Managing Inflammation
• Back to School – Start the Year off Right

Skin & Aging:
• Essential Skin Care – Beauty Starts Within
• Reverse Aging – Youth Comes From Within

Weight & Mood Projects:
• Weight Management & Metabolism







• Mood Management & Chronic Fatigue

• Cleaning Your Home with Natural Ingredients

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#1 – Muscle Response Testing (MRT) – Your Personal Lie/Truth Detector

Have you ever wished that you had a crystal ball or a lie detector so that you could know the real truth of any situation or issue?  Well now you can.  Muscle Response Testing is a technique that is used around the world by professionals and lay people alike.  It can be used in any situation or for any question to know universal truth.  You will go home knowing how to do the technique and use it for yourself and your loved ones.  Join us to learn this valuable tool. SUGGESTED READING: “Power vs. Force” by Dr. David Hawkins.

#2 – What is The Emotional Freedom Technique & What Can it Do For Me?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a set of tools that will allow you to be free of negative feelings and limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from your true path and accomplishing the things you desire in life.  It is the beginning of a system of tools that will permanently remove any barriers and balance your energy, so you can move forward and be happy in all situations.  The process of finding, releasing and replacing negative feelings and limiting beliefs has been life changing for me and now I am able to offer it to you.  Learn the techniques of EFT and then learn the rest of the story.

#3 –How to Use the Law of Attraction in The Real World

According to the popular philosophy of the Law of Attraction, we manifest into our reality those things that we desire.  The rest of the story is that we must be in alignment with the things we want or they will not show up.  How do we do that?  We will learn what steps will allow us to use this universal law for our benefit and see how it can work every time.  SUGGESTED VIEWING: “The Secret” documentary.

#4 – “Step Beyond EFT®” for Weight Balancing

We all  know someone who has suffered from yo-yo dieting for years.  Each time they try to lose weight, only to gain it back later and balloon to a larger weight than before.  What if the issue was not what they were eating and doing, but more about worthiness, protection, and self image?  There is a solution.  I have a program that allows you to permanently balance your weight and never look back.  This workshop is the beginning of a fascinating journey that will give them the tools they need to finally make the difference.

SUGGESTED READING: “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting,” by Lynn Grabhorn

Call 214-529-9050 schedule a workshop for your group or register ==>>
to be notified of upcoming dates.

Coming Soon:

  • “Be the Queen of Affirmations and Always Get What You Want” Class = 4 One-Hour Classes
  • Chakra Activation & Training = 8 One-hour sessions.
  • Energy Healing Basics = 2-day Workshop
  • Attracting Money Bootcamp = 2-day  Workshop

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