“I came to know Carol through her expertise in Naturopathic restoration and healing of the body.  Carol’s caring and touch brings a calmness to her clients.  Then Carol incorporated the doTERRA essential oils and I received an “Aroma Touch” massage, using a blended oil on my back.  Well, combine Carol’s caring & touch & the blended oil = Calmness, Refreshed, and Invigorated. Carol knows her products and cares about her clients needs.  She comes highly recommended.”

Sincerely, Arlene Young


“Carol is a such a patient, loving soul. She embraces every part of you while helping you to understand how you can embrace yourself. She showed me how to use affirmations to revitalize my spirit and opened my eyes to healing oils that cleansed my body and mind. In my eyes, there’s nothing this amazing woman can’t do!”

Lauren Byrd


“I have had some the most powerful breakthroughs of my life while working with Carol’s Emotional Balancing program. As a life coach, I have experienced a tremendous number of highly effective processes to aid in facilitating a deeper understanding and connection to self, but Carol’s program is truly one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I had become accustomed to breakthroughs being a process of emotional upheaval, but this gentle process moved me through some of my most deeply held, most difficult personal issues with an ease I did not know was possible. I am grateful, beyond words!

Rebecca Winn, Professional Life Coach, Dallas


“Knowing and working with Carol is a wonderful experience in all areas of my life.  She is a miracle worker!  She has been the instrument for great emotional, mental, and physical healing that occurs for me every day.  Her gifts are many and she encourages one’s journey to wholeness as an individual path with many tools to help us along the way.  I especially love the beauty of essential oils as a most effective way to balance and heal our bodies.”

Becky M.


“I find Dr. Carol (as I call her,) to be very professional and knowledgeable in everything that she pursues.  I have worked with her in business for many years, as well as used her services, and know her to be ethical, caring, and very enjoyable to be around.  I highly respect and recommend her.”

Renae W.