Home Use

60. Battle Stale Air. For fabrics, shoes for every occasion, or a dirty clothes bin use lavender essential oil to battle smells. Whether diffused, spritzed with water, or dripped on cotton balls, chase stagnancy away! Next time you’re sitting in traffic, pull out a spray bottle with a lavender and water mixture and freshen your car (and your attitude).

61. Homemade Room Freshener. Put baking soda and a 5-6 drops of lavender oil in a small Mason jar. Punch holes in the lid. Place in smelly areas (near garbage can, dirty clothes), shake jar often.

62. Command Musty Carpets. Sprinkle Homemade Room Freshener on carpets and vacuum up. If you have pets, (especially the UN-potty-trained variety), fight back with lavender! You can also add cotton balls soaked with drops of lemon and lavender into your vacuum bag/canister to clean the air while you clean the house.

63. Increase Potpourri Mileage. Refresh aged potpourri with a few drops of lavender essential oil. It can change the mood of your home.

64. Ban Popular Cleaning Sprays. Next time you need to deodorize the bathroom, use lavender and water in a spray bottle. Learn to rely on lavender’s natural antibacterial, antibiotic, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. If you’re used to cleaning with vinegar, lavender will tame the acrid smell.

65. Therapeutic Dish and Laundry Soap. Add lavender to normal liquid soaps for additional aromatherapy benefits and antibacterial properties. It not only improves your cleaning, but makes you feel better too.

66. Lovable Linens. Energize linens and other bedding with lovely smelling lavender. It leaves no oil marks and leaves things invigoratingly fresh. Sprintz lavender water on mattresses and pillows before adding back clean sheets. You’ll improve your sleeping experience and battle ‘the unseen’ as well.

67. Ball Cap Makeover. A well-worn, much loved ball cap can look great, but not smell so great. Add 4-5 drops of lavender to make it wearable. It will become your favorite hat if you have a headache too!

Cooking and Food

68. Soften Citrus Flavors. Use in delicate lemon sauces for chicken or fish or in powerful orange marmalade, citrus salads, real lemonade and more!

69. Amazing Marinades and BBQ. Baste chicken or fish on the grill with honey or a garlic and rosemary blend, spread over roasted vegetables, marinade chicken pieces in honey and lavender.

70. Bake Better. Add a new twist to classics: lavender blueberry banana bread, lemon lavender cookies, baked salmon, lavender sugar cookies, lavender muffins, and lavender cakes.

71. Sweet Genius. Use as a substitute for vanilla extract (in creams, custards and sugars), use it in lavender icing, add to honey for extra flavor in tea or toast, and even maple syrup!

 Body & Mind

72. Avoid or Take the Bite Out. Insects are not too fond of the smell of lavender – they hate it. If you miss the prevention route, lavender soothes bites, itching and inflammation.

73. Calm Kids for Peaceful Rest Lavender drops on their pillows…is magic. It helps ease their mind, calm them down, make bedtime more rewarding, and best of all … lulls them into a restful sleep.

74. Baby Butter. Mix 2 ounces of coconut oil with 2 drops of lavender. Use as a moisturizer for baby. No matter how old the baby!

75. Oatmeal Facial Scrub. Fill a baby food jar with oatmeal, add 5-8 drops of lavender oil and shake. When it’s time to wash your face, sprinkle some oatmeal in your hand, add a little water to make into a paste. It’s an excellent natural scrub! A little goes a long way.

76. Minor Burns, Major Relief. Too much fun in the sun? A little lavender oil helps prevent peeling skin. It speeds healing and prevents or reduces scarring of the skin.

77. End Eczema. Blend ½ cup coconut oil with 20 drops of lavender oil. Use as a balm daily on affected areas. The antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and circulatory stimulating properties of lavender makes it an ideal immune booster and powerful anti-inflammatory for the skin. Lavender works to relieve the associated pain and itch that frequently occurs with skin inflammation.

78. Boo Boo Relief. Lavender’s disinfecting properties provides great relief for cuts and scrapes. It’s particularly helpful for cuts or scrapes that are difficult to reach or keep covered.

79. Bash Bruises. Apply lavender and cover with a cool compress.

80. Alleviate Earaches. Warm olive oil, add lavender, and gently massage around the ears (not in the ears) and near glands in the throat.

81. Dry Climate Rescue. Climate-induced dry, itchy skin finds relief from lavender added to fractionated coconut oil in place of lotion.

82. Soothing Aloe Moisturizer. Combine 4 Tbsp food-grade Aloe Vera gel, 2 Tbsp carrier oil, 10 drops lavender in an airtight container. Apply to clean, damp face or body.

83. Horrific Heels & Foot Fatigue. If wearing sandals all summer has stressed your heels, 6 drops of lavender in a hot foot bath is the answer.

84. Neck & Wing Relief. For neck and scapula tension, apply lavender with fractionated coconut oil, breathe it in and massage those knots out!

85. Hood of Wonder. Next time you have a cold or the flu, try the lavender steam hood. Add 4-6 drops to a bowl of hot water. Place a towel over your head, and inhale the vapor slowly and deeply.

86. Allergies, Sinuses & Congestion Lavender can calm down unruly sinus tissues, defiant allergies and other respiratory issues. Just apply on the back of your neck, chest, and between your eyes.

87. Rub a Dub Dub. Rather than using regular soap and warm water at baby’s bath time, add about five drops of lavender oil to the warm water. Your tot’s skin will be pampered and smell great!

88. Soak Away Stress. Your muscles are tight. Anxiety and deadlines are eating at you. Your heart is racing. Where’s the pressure release valve? Add lavender to a warm bath, soak it in, be soothed.

89. Shampoo Therapy. After washing your hair in the shower, rub 4 drops of lavender in your hands and work into your hair. Tilt your head down, under the water and capture the aroma-instilled vapor as it melts off your hands and hair. You’ll love how it smells, and how your hair feels!

90. Target Acne Bacteria thrive in sebaceous glands that over produce sebum…that waxy stuff that can be associated with acne. 77. Lavender helps balance sebum and control break outs.

91. Splendid Splinter. Don’t chase splinters or thorns by painfully digging them out. Add a few drops of lavender, let the splinter swell and slip out.

92. Multi-Purpose Trio. Buy a yellow, blue and purple spray bottle. Fill each with water and add 10-15 drops of lemon, peppermint and lavender in corresponding colored bottles. Use for cleaning and freshening ALL around the house (floors, counter tops, carpets). You’ll never use a rag and plain water or many cleaners, ever again. You’ll actually look forward to cleaning up spills.