Body & Mind

36. Calm a Digestive Tempest. One drop of peppermint oil rubbed on the stomach or taken internally can calm indigestion, an upset stomach or other internal digestive commotion (cramping, indigestion, diarrhea). Peppermint aids digestion and can relieve heartburn. Skip antacids and go with peppermint oil. A travel must have!

37. Restore Mouth Vitality. Peppermint and lemon oil with water creates a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse that leaves a lasting crisp, clean feeling.

38. Breathe Deeply. When congested, diffuse peppermint oil (or apply topically on chest or under nose) for relief. It also soothes respiratory muscles inflamed by allergies.

39. Cool Inflamed Joints. Peppermint oil mixed with lavender oil cools the ravages of ‘screaming’ joints like an ice bath, but you stay warm and dry.

40. Soothe Tootsies. Add peppermint oil to a cold water compress to cool overworked, over-heated feet at the end of a hard day.

41. De-stress the Distress. A few drops of peppermint dabbed on temples, base of head and sinuses can chase a headache away.

42. Tame a Toothache. Peppermint oil can act as a concentrated natural pain killer and relaxant, especially for painful gums, teething or dental work.

43. Perk Up & Focus. Peppermint improves blood circulation and awareness. Use to perk up on long drives or for school/training. Help children concentrate: place a drop on the tongue or under the nose for improved alertness. Peppermint oil activates limbic brain function, which helps control things like emotions and long-term memory. It can help those who struggle with moodiness and lethargy.

44. Denounce Cravings. Satiety — feeling full, and not overeating. The aroma of peppermint oil has the ability to make you feel full, faster, especially if you breathe it in during a meal! When you get that mid-morning craving, diffuse peppermint oil to reign in the urge to snack.

45. Energize Your Lather. Add peppermint to your shampoo and conditioner to stimulate the scalp, energize and wake up! The oil is antiseptic in nature, and can also help remove dandruff and lice.

46. Seep, Soak & Revitalize. After a long day, apply peppermint, let it seep in and then soak in a warm bath. The refreshing peppermint vapor will make you feel cool, relaxed and energized again.

47. Sleep Like a Baby. Peppermint oil helps activate cold-sensitive receptors in the skin and mucosal tissues. It may help with insomnia.

48. Baby Balm. Rub a layer of coconut oil on baby’s tummy. Rub 1-2 drops of peppermint between your hands and then massage stomach gently for digestive disorders or colic.

49. Energize A Workout. Using peppermint oil prior to exercise awakens your senses and gets you focused so you can work harder. It can also encourage you on those days when you’d ‘rather not’.

50. Post Workout. To reward yourself after a great workout massage peppermint oil onto aching feet, joints, and strained muscles

51. Itch Fix. Soothe the after effects of sunburn or other skin irritation by applying a drop of peppermint oil (mixed with lavender) to cool, soothe and stop itching. May need to mix with a carrier oil first to avoid irritation.

52. Theme Park Relief. When the ‘spinning’ of the ride won’t stop, four or five drops of peppermint rubbed on the stomach can help dispel discomfort.

53.  Burrow Be Gone. If a tick has made your skin its home, bathe it in peppermint oil with a cotton swab. It will stop burrowing and remove its head.

Cooking & Food

54. Add Zip to All Things Chocolate. Enhance chocolate: gourmet hot chocolate, mint brownie frosting, peppermint bark, peppermint patties, peppermint brownies, peppermint chocolate, Bundt cake, red velvet cupcakes with white chocolate peppermint cream cheese, yum!

55. Brisk, Delightful Confections. Peppermint chiffon cake, homemade candy canes, butter mints, peppermint ice cream, peppermint glaze over pastries and cookies, homemade peppermint patties — just a few creations.

56. Unforgettable Beverages. Peppermint water on ice, peppermint mocha, peppermint tea, peppermint hot chocolate,… all delish. One drop of peppermint oil intensifies herbal tea (perhaps while cutting back on added sugar). A few drops of peppermint in ice water, not only improves the taste, but also brings a cool, refreshing arctic breeze to your airways.

57. Almond Delight. Buy ½ gallon of pre-mixed chocolate almond milk. Add 8 drops of peppermint oil to the full container and shake well. A refreshing treat any time. Particularly useful for taking vitamins morning and night.

Home Use

58. Don’t Be Bugged By Bugs. Many household bugs do not like peppermint oil — ants, aphids, beetles, plant lice, spiders and cockroaches try to steer clear of peppermint. Just add to water in a spray bottle and spray where you think pests grace you with their presence!

59. Clean Naturally. Peppermint oil is a wonderful natural cleaning agent because it has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Spray on counter tops and bathroom surfaces, scrub, and enjoy a cleaner clean.