Subject: How Hormones & Stress Effect Your Health

Weight issues aren’t always a matter of what is going in our mouths.  Imbalances in our hormones can cause the body to hold fat cells.  Fat held in the body is a cushion for the body to fall back on to support hormonal function and soothe nerves.

Hormones are actually fat based and if the body does not have enough fat in the diet, our hormones may not be able to do their work or can be ineffective.  That makes low fat diets the opposite of what the body needs to function well.  Good fats don’t make you fat; they provide the body with necessary ingredients and tools to run the body functions necessary to our survival.

Good fats include vegetable sources such as, olive oil; avocados; raw, unpasteurized, coconut oil; nuts and seeds; and seed and nuts oils as long as they are not heated.

One of the things that has adversely affected us is the extra hormones that are finding their way into the food and water supply.  The meat industry has been adding hormones to the feed of beef cows, dairy cows and chickens for decades.  This has caused a ripple down effect especially in our children.

“Scientists believe about two-thirds of American cattle raised for slaughter today are injected with hormones to make them grow faster and America’s dairy cows are given a genetically-engineered hormone called rBGH to increase milk production. ”

“Although the USDA and FDA claim these hormones are safe, there is growing concern that hormone residues in meat and milk might be harmful to human health and the environment.”

We are seeing a rise in girls and boys maturing at younger ages and this has been directly linked to hormones in the food and water supply.  These practices have been banned in Europe; why would we allow them to experiment on our children?

Stress is another component in the mix as it causes the body to produce hormones that makes you hold the fat cells.  Cortisol is a hormone that increases our fat retention especially in the belly area.

What’s a reasonable person to do?

Buy meats, dairy and chicken that state they have no hormones added.  Read the labels on packaged foods to determine if they have preservatives and additives that have been linked to health challenges.  The better nourished the body is, the better able it is to maintain a healthy balance.

Investigate for yourself the issues about hormones, additives, and antibiotics in the food supply today at .  Don’t flush out of date medicines down the toilet as they pollute our water supply.  Take them to a pharmacy for proper and safe disposal.

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Next time we will discuss another issue that can cause weight gain, “Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners.”

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