Subject: The Dangers of High Sugar Diets and Artificial Sweeteners

Many times it is excessive simple sugars and artificial sweeteners that create an environment for the body to start storing fats instead of using them for energy.  When we eat too many simple sugars, our body does not have to look very far to find the energy it wants to run the body for the day.  They are readily available from the sugars that we are consuming at an alarming rate.  If you read the labels on packaged foods, you will find that most of them have some form of sugar added to preserve the product.  Our bodies become dependent on these sugars to fuel the body instead of having to extract them from complex carbohydrates, like whole grains and vegetable proteins, such as beans, and good fats that lubricate the joints and processes in the body, like elimination.

This sets us up for failure because the body can get lazy and start to crave those simple sugars instead of more complex carbohydrates.  While these simple sugars provide instant energy, they are lacking in nutrients to sustain the body, and they can upset the balance in the digestive system.  Most are lacking even the basic vitamin and minerals that our body requires to maintain health.

With the habit of consuming large amounts of sugar in cereals, sodas, and sugar laden processed foods, our bodies hardly have time to process those sugars before the next round is being consumed.  Sugar not only makes us fat, when we consume products that only contain empty calories, but also puts us in a cycle of thinking we are hungry when actually we are just not getting the nutrients we need.  We begin to crave “something.”  When this happens, we are out of balance and need to add nutrients, not more sugar.

Artificial sweeteners, used by diabetics around the world, have been increasingly debated for years as to whether it is a savior or a poison.  There are lots of websites for and against.  I ask you to test for yourself whether it is safe to consume.  If you are a regular consumer of artificial sweeteners, and have headaches, muscle aches, dizziness, confusion, depression, extreme irritability, or severe anxiety attacks, and others, these are all symptoms of poisoning from these chemical soups.  Try abstaining from any artificial sweetener for one week and see if any of these symptoms disappear.  Actually artificial sweeteners are poisonous chemicals that cause our body’s to crave sugar!  No one can tell you what to eat, but sometimes the proof is in “the not eating. “ For myself, I don’t touch them.

Whether you eat too much sugar or consume artificial sweeteners, you are setting yourself up for failure when it comes to allowing your body to control your weight.  Give yourself a break and eat lower on the food chain and your weight will normalize.

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