Subject: What to do about toxins in our environment!

There is much talk about weight issues and obesity in the media these days.  From invasive bariatric procedures to the latest hormone supplement, we seem to be obsessed with our weight.  Even those with only a few unwanted pounds are looking for the magic bullet to “cure” their ills.

The first thing is to understand that you are not broken!  If you are carrying excess fat cells, your body may be protecting you from something in your diet, something you use on your body, or in your environment.  The bottom line is that gaining unwanted weight is not just an issue of what you eat.  Let’s look at some ways that the body protects us from ourselves.

When there are toxins in the food that we eat, our body creates fat cells to hide these toxins from us so that they cannot damage our body.  Some toxins in our food include, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, additives that are meant to enhance flavor, such as monosodium glutamate (MSG,) and various other chemicals that are there to preserve the shelf life of the product, not for our benefit.

Another place we gather toxic ingredients is in the products we use on our bodies and in our homes.  My rule is that if an ingredient has a chemical sounding name, guess what, it’s a chemical.  We have 100,000 more chemicals in our society than existed in 1900.  Allergies, skin rashes, upper respiratory infections, and some believe even cancer can all be caused by chemicals in our environment. 

The third way that our body protects us is from chemicals in the environment that we are exposed to as we go about our day.  Fumes from automobiles and gasoline, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that your neighbor puts on his lawn, air pollution from materials used to construct our homes, such as glues and other chemicals in carpeting, wall board, and paint, just to name a few.  We are assaulted daily from all these chemicals and sometimes the body will stuff these toxins in fat cells rather than allowing them to make us sick.

These are all instances where our body is protecting us from the toxic chemicals in our environment just to keep us alive.  As long as these toxins stay in the body, the fat cells will remain as well.

We can protect ourselves.  We can maintain a healthy weight by doing things that remove toxins and clear our environment as much as possible.

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